Japanese-Style Fried Rice with Chirimen Jako and Nozawana

Japanese-Style Fried Rice with Chirimen Jako and Nozawana

The flavors of the chirimen jako and nozawana help make this dish tasty! Even the texture of the fried rice is nice and fluffy! How about trying something different - a Japanese-style, healthy fried rice.

Ingredients: 2 servings

Leftover cooked white rice
400 g
100 g
Chirimen Jako
25 g
Japanese leek
4 cm
a pinch
a small amount
Dashi stock powder
2 teaspoons
Soy sauce
1 teaspoon
1 tablespoon + 1 teaspoon


1. Finely chop the nozawana and Japanese leek.
2. Crack open 1 egg in a bowl, season with salt and pepper (not listed in the ingredients list), and beat the egg.
3. Heat 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil in a frying pan, pour in the beaten egg from Step 2, make scrambled egg, and transfer to a plate.
4. Put the leftover cooked rice in a large microwave-proof container, and warm it up in the microwave. Sprinkle on the dashi stock powder, salt, and pepper. Then pour in 1 beaten egg, and mix everything together.
5. Heat 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil in a frying pan, add the rice from Step 4, and stir-fry over medium heat until the rice has loosened up. Add the nozawana and Japanese leek and continue stir-frying.
6. Add the chirimen jako. Once it's mixed in, drizzle the soy sauce in from the sides of the pan and stir-fry. Finally add the scrambled egg from Step 3, and once it's mixed in, serve and enjoy!

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to create a light fried rice that I can make for my husband even when he returns home from work late at night. So, I came up with this Japanese-style fried rice. This is a dish you can make easily so it's perfect for lunch as well.