Halloween Kabocha Squash Bundles (Chakin)

Halloween Kabocha Squash Bundles (Chakin)

Instantly make these treats in the microwave Cute jack-o-lanterns You could pack them in bento too.

Ingredients: 4

Kabocha squash
1/4 of a squash (net weight 200 g)
About 2 teaspoons


1. Cut the kabocha squash into big pieces and place in a heat resistant bowl. Cover with plastic wrap and microwave until the kabocha squash softens.
2. Remove the peel. The peel will be used to make the jack-o-lantern eyes and mouth, so try not to rip it.
3. Add sugar and then mash the kabocha squash with a fork as smooth as possible.
4. Take the mix from Step 4 and tightly wrap it into a ball using plastic wrap.
5. Wet your hands and smooth out the kabocha squash dough.
6. Use scissors or a knife to cut the eyes and mouth from the kabocha squash peel.
7. If you have pumpkin seeds, you could use them to make stems, then stick the eyes and mouth, and it's done.

Story Behind this Recipe

We make these every year at my house around Halloween.