Chive Blossom Tempura

Chive Blossom Tempura

These blossoms aren't just cute, they're also delicious! Eat them freshly fried!


Chive blossoms
as many as you like
Tempura flour
as needed


1. Choose chive blossoms that are tender with thin stems. If they're a little hard, cut them down.
2. Make the tempura batter according to the ingredients on the tempura flour packet.
3. Hold the blossoms by the stem and dip upside-down into the batter. When covered in a thin layer, quickly fry in 160℃ oil
4. Chive Blossoms: These flowers will blossom from around mid-August.

Story Behind this Recipe

My dad fried these for me. When I first tried them, I was surprised at how tasty they were!