Easy & Refreshing Grapefruit Pudding

Easy & Refreshing Grapefruit Pudding

A refreshing and easy pudding you can prepare whenever the mood hits.

Ingredients: Makes 5 pudding cups

Grapefruit (net weight)
200 g
Heavy cream
200 ml
150 ml
Granulated sugar
30 g
Condensed milk
50 g
5 g
2 tablespoons


1. Peel the grapefruit and remove the thin membranes. Process in a food processor. Soak the gelatin in the water.
2. Put the grapefruit, heavy cream, milk, and granulated sugar into a heatproof bowl and mix well. Microwave at 500 W for 2 minutes.
3. Heat the soaked gelatin for 20 seconds in the microwave. Add it to the mixture from step 2 and mix well. Add the condensed milk and mix.
4. Strain and pour into dishes. If you use a container with a pouring spout, it will be easier to pour into the dishes. Chill in the refrigerator for 3 hours.
5. Done.
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Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to make a cold dessert for hot weather that doesn't require heat.