Panko with Genovese Sauce

Panko with Genovese Sauce

This versatile panko is great for making a dish for bentos.

Ingredients: To make a small amount

30 g
Jonlīkukkā's "My Family's Genovese Sauce" (Recipe ID: 589854)
15 g plus
Salt, pepper, curry powder (optional)
to taste


1. Put the panko in a frying pan and dry roast for 1 minute over medium low heat. Add the Genovese sauce and continue to dry roast for another minute.
2. Season with salt, pepper and curry powder to finish.
3. Pictured here is the egg plant and meat sauce au gratin that I made with this panko. It really goes well with anything, like potatoes, seafood and even meat.
4. I recommend this recipe for the Genovese sauce: Recipe ID: 589854. You can freeze them in small portions and it's really tasty.
5. User "Shiroigurēpu" made croquettes with this panko.

Story Behind this Recipe

This is my family's standard that I often make with some delicious genovese sauce. I posted this recipe here partially for my own reminder.