Dinosaur Bread Triceratops

Dinosaur Bread Triceratops

This is the second in my dinosaur bread series for my dinosaur-loving kids.

Ingredients: 1 serving

Any bread dough of your choice that has gone through its first rising
55-60 g
(Example bread dough recipe:
Recipe ID: 1863323 )
Decoration pen for the face
as needed


1. After letting the dough rest, roll the dough into a circle, fold it in half, and tightly close it around the edges. Cut it in half to form the head and the body.
2. Lightly coat the side of the face that will have notches cut into it with flour, and stretch it out a bit with a rolling pin at an angle towards the top. Make several cuts with a knife to make the frills.
3. Cut the bottom portion from the body to make the legs. Reshape the cut portions, place the cut side facing downwards, and place it on the body to make the hind leg.
4. Overlap the head a bit on top of the body. Place onto a baking sheet for the second rise using your oven's rising function. Start preheating the oven once you are done.
5. Cut the head with a knife at an angle. Cut the nose tip with a pair of scissors at a slight angle. Give it a mouth as well.
6. Use Taro's Wife's "No Need for a Chocolate Pen, Decoration Pen" (Recipe ID: 1585101) to draw on the eye while waiting for the oven to heat up. You can also use nori seaweed.
7. Bake the dough in the oven as recommended for the dough you use. You can also use a chocolate pen to add the eyes after baking.
8. My large collection of dinosaurs include a Stegosaurus, a Triceratops, a Brachiosaurus, and a Parasaurolophus.

Story Behind this Recipe

My stegosaurus bread was a big hit, so I thought up this second version.