Salmon & Dill California Roll

Salmon & Dill California Roll

I garnished California rolls, a staple dish in my house, with dill for extra aroma and style! It's simple, rather charming, and popular with guests.

Ingredients: 2 rolls

Sushi rice
around 400 g
Salmon (For sashimi, cut)
two 1 cm squares
two 1 cm squares
Avocado (cut into 1 cm wide thin strips)
Lemon juice
a small amount
☆Dill (roughly minced)
6 sprigs
2 tablespoons
White toasted sesame seeds
1 1/2 tablespoons
Toasted nori seaweed
2 sheets
Thinly sliced lemon and dill (to garnish)
Just a little (If you have some)
Soy sauce (to taste)
a small amount


1. Evenly cut the salmon and cucumbers into long slices that are the length of the seaweed. Thinly slice the avocado and sprinkle lemon juice over the top.
2. Mix the ☆ ingredients
3. Mix together the sushi rice and the white toasted sesame seeds. Put the seaweed on top of a bamboo sushi rolling mat, then put half of the sushi rice on top and spread it out. Cover it with plastic wrap.
4. Turn it over. Place the salmon, cucumber, dill mayonnaise (made in Step 2), and the avocado on top of each other about a third of the way from the bottom.
5. While being careful not to roll the plastic wrap into the sushi roll, roll it up.
6. While rolled up in the plastic wrap, let the sushi roll rest for a bit, then cut up into easy-to-eat pieces. Do that all again from the start to make another roll.
7. If you have some, garnish with the thinly sliced lemon and dill. Top with soy sauce if desired and enjoy.

Story Behind this Recipe

Sometimes I crave a California roll. I had some fresh dill, so I got some ingredients that I thought would go well with it and made this. This is a variation of my recipe Recipe ID: 868737 for California Rolls to serve to guests.