Non-Fried Sardines with Genovese Sauce

Non-Fried Sardines with Genovese Sauce

Let's make these delicious, healthy, nutritious and budget-friendly non-fried sardines with versatile and tasty genovese sauce!

Ingredients: 8 sardines' worth

2-3 teaspoons
Curry powder
1/2 teaspoon plus (to your preference)
Salt and pepper
to taste
"Jonlīkukkā"'s "Our Family's ☆ Genovese Sauce" (Recipe ID: 589854)
about 30 g
Mayonnaise (optional)
as needed
about 50 g


1. Butterfly the sardines. Sprinkle on some sake to get rid of any gaminess. Pat them dry gently, then season with salt, pepper and curry powder.
2. Using a butter knife, spread out the genovese sauce evenly on the bellies of the sardines.
3. Brush on a small amount of mayonnaise on the skin side (optional). Please refer to Helpful Hints.
4. Coat them with panko by pressing them down a bit.
5. Bake in an oven to finish. Serve with ground sea salt and pepper or Japanese Worcestershire-style sauce if you'd like.
6. Notes: My daughters like to eat these sardines with aurora sauce that you make with ketchup and mayonnaise.
7. Notes: Panko will often fall on the baking dish when cooking in the oven. If that bothers you, please spread out a sheet of aluminum foil underneath the dish.
8. To improve the flavor, use panko made of bread crusts or roasted panko.

Story Behind this Recipe

This is a family favorite that I often make with some delicious genovese sauce. Thank you "Jonlīkukkā" for a magnificent recipe!