Easy and Simple Chinese Sesame Balls

Easy and Simple Chinese Sesame Balls

You only need shiratamako for the dough, no need for sugar. This is an easy way to make sesame balls.

Ingredients: 2 sesame balls

30 g
2 tablespoons
Store-bought anko
40 g
Store-bought sesame seed paste for the anko (optional)
1 tablespoon
Toasted sesame seeds for the coating (white or black sesame seeds)
as needed
Frying oil
as needed
The amount of water will depend on the type of shiratamako used (powdered or granulated). Use a little less water than indicated on the package, and adjust the dough until soft as your earlobes, or a bit firmer


1. Combine the shiratamako with the amount of water listed on the package. Knead the dough well, and divide into half. At first the dough will be floury, but as you knead, it will become smooth and soft.
2. Roll the anko into balls. If using sesame seeds paste, mix it in the anko before forming into balls.
3. Flatten out the dough with the palm of your hands, place the anko in the center, and wrap. Here in the photo, I placed the dough on the surface to show how much I flatten it out. If you don't place the anko in the center of the dough, the anko will ooze out while deep-frying.
4. In a bowl, add plenty of toasted white sesame seeds, and coat all sides of the ball from Step 3 by gently pressing the dough. The sesame seeds will stick to the dough with just the moisture from the dough.
5. Heat the oil over low-medium heat (140-150 °C), and deep-fry the sesame balls. After a couple of minutes, once the sesame balls begin to crack on their surface, as shown in the photo to the right, quickly remove them from the oil.
6. If you keep rolling the sesame balls around in the oil while deep-frying, you could reduce the amount of oil so that half of the sesame balls are peeking out of the oil. It will be difficult to roll them around if you are making a big batch, in this case, you should use plenty of oil.
7. Don't worry even if the sesame balls crack open. If you immediately remove them from the oil, they will return to their original shape. If they don't return to their original shape, close them up with your fingers, being careful not to burn yourself.
8. I used this store-bought sesame seed paste.

Story Behind this Recipe

I love sesame balls served at Chinese restaurants, so I came up with an easy way to make them myself.