Smooth Sesame Pudding in 5 Minutes

Smooth Sesame Pudding in 5 Minutes

This is steamed, so it feels like soft cream pudding in your mouth. I love this mild-flavored pudding. I think eggs give it a richer taste than cream does.

Ingredients: 4 teacups

1 large
250 ml
50 g
Black sesame seed paste
2 tablespoons


1. Put milk and sugar in a pot and heat until the milk is about body temperature, melting the sugar. Then set up the steamer on the stove.
2. In a bowl, whisk eggs and black sesame seed paste together thoroughly.
3. Mix in the milk and sugar mixture a little bit at a time.
4. Now strain the mixture into the pot from Step 1. The mixture is now ready.
5. It's helpful to put the liquid pudding in a measuring cup so you can pour it into tea cups easily.
6. Put the pudding cups in the boiling steamer and cover the lid with a towel. Leave the steamer on a high flame for 5 minutes. (Don't completely close the lid). Turn off the heat and then close the lid completely and leave it to steam for 15 minutes.
7. Take it out of the steamer and let it cool, then chill it in the refrigerator and you're done! Right after it's steamed it'll feel very jiggly, but once it's chilled it should be nice and smooth.
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Story Behind this Recipe

I don't really like that hardened gelatin taste and jiggly feel, so I wanted to make a nice smooth pudding...