Fresh Kiwifruits & Custard Tart

Fresh Kiwifruits & Custard Tart

This tart uses fresh kiwifruits. It goes very well with custard cream. Whip up when you have guests over.

Ingredients: 4 tarts

Yogurt Cream
Recipe ID: 610076
Store bought tart crusts
Powdered sugar
a small amount


1. Make the yogurt custard cream. Refer to Recipe ID: 610076.
2. When Step 1 has cooled, place into the refrigerator to chill completely. Peel the kiwifruit, cut lengthwise into 4 sections, and then slice thinly.
3. Spread the cream from Step 2 into the tart crusts and top with the kiwifruit.
4. You can make 4 tarts with just half the amount of yogurt cream, but if you make a lot of cream, you can store it to use at other times.

Story Behind this Recipe

I managed to get a hold of some cheap kiwifruits so I made a tart. I just thought of this recipe on the spot. Since the custard is made in the microwave, it's really easy. It also goes well with custard cream. Recipe ID: 630101. Peach Compote Tart Recipe ID: 2314432.