Mentaiko Mayonnaise Cucumber Boats

Mentaiko Mayonnaise Cucumber Boats

An easy izakaya appetizer. Use tarako (cod roe) instead of mentaiko (pollack roe) if you'd like.


Mentaiko or tarako
1 package
to taste
If you are using a large cucumber, then use more mentaiko


1. Remove the membranes from the mentaiko. Slice the cucumber and then remove the white pith with a spoon. This makes it easier to top the mentaiko.
2. Place the mentaiko on top and cut the cucumber into large pieces.
3. Arrange them on a plate. They are delicious as-is.
4. But it's perfect with a squeeze of mayonnaise!
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Story Behind this Recipe

I imitated something I saw on a shabu-shabu restaurant menu.

It was just served without beint cut so it was hard to eat, so I asked one of the waiters to cut it up for me.