Energy-saving and Easy Boiled Eggs

Energy-saving and Easy Boiled Eggs

This is a quick way to boil eggs using a little water. It feels good to slide the shells right off.

Ingredients: 6 eggs' worth

Egg (medium)
Water (for eggs at room temperature)
3 tablespoons
Ice water (for eggs out of the fridge)
5 tablespoons


1. Use a spoon to tap the eggs until a crack appears. It doesn't have crack completely, just as long as there's a crack.
2. Put the eggs and water in a large frying pan. Cover and heat over high.
3. For eggs out of the fridge, heat 3 minutes; for room temperature eggs, heat 2 minutes. Then reduce heat to low and allow to steam for 3 minutes.
4. Stop the heat. For soft-set eggs let sit for 3 minutes; hard-boiled for 5 minutes.
5. Transfer to ice water and the shell should slip right off.
6. This is a fully cooked yolk.
7. Use a shallow frying pan with 2 tablespoons of water, so the eggs don't burn.
8. Make sure the yolks cook evenly by cooking over high heat. It's a good idea to gently agitate them in the frying pan, too, to shift the position of the eggs.

Story Behind this Recipe

This is a short recipe that works every time! As long as you follow the directions for room temperature or chilled eggs you can't fail.