Easy Mushroom and Pork Shabu with Mayo-Ponzu

Easy Mushroom and Pork Shabu with Mayo-Ponzu

This is really simple! The sliced pork cooks through quickly, so it is done in no time at all! It tastes great cold or warm.

Ingredients: 1 person

Pork meat (any type of thinly species pork)
100 g
Shimeji Mushrooms (or any time of mushrooms)
1/2 bunch (or approximate)
Ponzu (Check out this recipe if you don't have store-bought sauce (Recipe ID: 1643206)
To taste
to taste
Shiso leaves and green onions, sliced onions etc.
A small amount


1. Remove the stems from the shimeji mushrooms, and wash in water. Boil in a pot of hot water.
2. Prepare ice water and a sieve.
3. After bringing water to a boil, add pork (see tips), bring to a boil while separating with chopsticks, add shimeji mushrooms, quickly boil, and drain in a sieve.
4. Immediately cool in ice water or under running water, and drain. (You can also leave it hot).
5. Arrange on plates, top with ponzu sauce and mayonnaise, and it is done. Garnish with julienned shiso leaves, finely chopped onions etc., and enjoy.

Story Behind this Recipe

I made my husband'a favorite mayo-ponzu on a hot day when we have no appetite.