Rainbow Sugar Toast

I made colorful rainbow sugar toast.


Granulated sugar
300 g
15 g
Sliced bread
as many slices as you like
Food colouring (for each rainbow colour)
Ziplock bags
1 per colour


1. Let the butter warm to room temperature and split the sugar into 6 portions.
2. Pour each portion of sugar into a bag along with one of the food colourings. Rub the contents of each bag together.
3. Once the colours have blended with the sugar, it's ready to use.
4. Spread an even layer of butter over some well toasted bread and place the sugar on top.
5. When eating the sugar toast, shake the excess sugar off in one direction to get the ideal level of sweetness.
6. If you're using powdered food colouring you can prepare it by dissolving it in a little water but I think it will make the sugar a little clumpy.

Story Behind this Recipe

I've always loved sugar toast but wondered if I could also make it look cute with colorful sugar.