Great with Rice! Vegetable-Rich Bulgogi

Great with Rice! Vegetable-Rich Bulgogi

Bulgogi is also known as Korean sukiyaki. The soy sauce based sweet flavors really goes well with rice. Marinate the vegetables along with the meat to make it simple!

Ingredients: 3 servings

Thinly sliced beef (coarsely chopped or offcuts)
250 g
1/2 large (about 150 g)
1/3 large (about 60 g)
Green peppers
Shimeji mushrooms
about 50 g
Japanese leek
Garlic (finely chopped)
1 clove
1 piece (about the size of an adult thumb)
Roasted sesame seeds
1 tablespoon
Soy sauce
3 tablespoons
4 teaspoons
1 tablespoon
2 teaspoons
Sesame oil
1 tablespoon
about 5 shakes
Chili pepper flakes (medium or coarse grind)
1 teaspoon or to taste
(or use Ichimi spice instead
about 3 shakes)


1. Julienne the vegetables. Cut the root off the shimeji mushrooms and shred.
2. Chop up the leek. Mince the garlic and ginger.
3. Cut the beef into easy to eat pieces
4. Put all the marinade ingredients into a bowl and mix together. Add all the vegetables and meat to the bowl, and rub in the marinade with your hands.
5. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap, and marinate for about 15 minutes in the refrigerator.
6. Stir fry everything in a wok or pan over medium heat while separating out the clumps of meat (its more like simmering rather than stir frying.) There's no need to add oil to the pan.
7. When the meat is cooked through it's done! Serve with rice and enjoy.
8. It's also delicious served on top of rice to make a bulgogi rice bowl.

Story Behind this Recipe

I tried marinating vegetables together with the meat in Recipe ID: 2127923 (Spicy Seven-Flavor Stir Fried Beef) and it was delicious, so I adjusting the flavoring to turn it into bulgogi and uploaded the recipe.