Festive Salmon Temari Sushi

Festive Salmon Temari Sushi

I put in a little extra work using regular sashimi to to make these festive and colorful temari (little ball) shaped sushi. I recommend these to serve to guests or for parties.

Ingredients: 10 bite-sized sushi balls

Salmon (sashimi-grade)
20 pieces if thin, 10 pieces if thick
For the sushi rice:
Freshly cooked rice
500 g (about 1.5 rice cooker cups before cooking - 270 ml raw rice)
1/4 cup - 50 ml
Equal amount as the vinegar (or a bit less, to taste)
1 teaspoon
(If using commercial sushi vinegar)
follow the instructions on the packaging


1. I used this thinly sliced salmon this time.
2. Make the sushi vinegar: Put the vinegar, sugar and salt in a small pan, and warm up while stirring to dissolve the sugar. (This one is brown because I used 100% rice vinegar.)
3. Put the freshly cooked hot rice in a bowl or similar, and swirl on the sushi vinegar.
4. Cut and fold to mix with a rice paddle, taking care not to mash the rice grains.
5. When the sushi vinegar is evenly mixed in, and there are no lumps of rice, fan it to cool it down. This will make the sushi rice very shiny.
6. Spread out a piece of plastic wrap on a scale, and place the sashimi on top. Since the sashimi I used this time was very thin I used 2 slices. If you have thicker slices of sashimi, 1 is fine.
7. Set the scale to 0 (use the TARE function if you're using a digital scale) and put on 50 g of sushi rice. The rice sticks to the spoon, so dip the spoon in water each time. Add wasabi if you like.
8. Twist the wrap tightly, and form a nice round ball. Keep the sushi wrapped in plastic to prevent it from drying out until it's time to serve them.
9. Arrange them just before eating them. Top with capers to finish. Just one caper per piece made them look like shumai dumplings to me, so I put on 2 per piece.
10. You can also form the sushi by putting a caper on the plastic wrap, then the sashimi, followed by the rice.

Story Behind this Recipe

The thinly sliced salmon I got looked a bit too thin to serve as sashimi, so I used it to make temari sushi, or small ball-shaped sushi.