Budget-Friendly Simple Genovese Sauce

Budget-Friendly Simple Genovese Sauce

This is a recipe to make genovese (?) paste without using any nuts or grated cheese.
Kombu tea is so functional This sauce is so simple and yet delicious and versatile.


Fresh basil (or shiso leaves)
30 g
Olive oil
50 ml
Kombu tea
1 teaspoon plus (to your taste)
Garlic (grated)
1 clove


1. Put all the listed ingredients into a food processor and blend to finish. Pictured here in the front is the basil sauce, with the shiso sauce in the back. They don't look too different.
2. We usually add 1 scant teaspoon of this sauce into the natto instead of the accompanying natto sauce. It's great for your health and beauty.
3. If you're making basil sauce, it's also great to knead it into the pizza dough.
4. [To preserve:] To prevent the oil from oxidizing, I usually cover them up with plastic wrap and flatten them out to freeze. I just break off however much I need to defrost.

Story Behind this Recipe

I made this to use up my home-harvested basil and shiso leaves. It was actually quite tasty and versatile, so I decided to post this recipe as a reminder for myself.