Sautéed Chicken Breast Meat with Sweet Chili Scallion Sauce

Sautéed Chicken Breast Meat with Sweet Chili Scallion Sauce

A fluffy and tender chicken breast sautéed with mayonnaise! Sweet chili sauce with scallion makes this easy dish gorgeous.


★ Sweet chili sauce
8 tablespoons
★ Minced Japanese leek (white section)
3 tablespoons
Chicken breast
500 g
Salt and pepper
a small amount
All-purpose flour
as needed


1. Cut the chicken breast diagonally into large pieces like a steak! Season with salt and pepper, dust with flour and shake off any excess flour!
2. Put the mayonnaise in a frying pan and heat. When it's warm, add Step 1 and fry over medium-low heat for 1 and 1/2 minutes. When the edges turn white and opaque, turn them over. Fry for 1 and 1/2 minutes over medium heat!
3. While frying the chicken, combine the ★ ingredients in a bowl to make a sauce!
4. When the chicken is done, transfer to a serving plate, pour over the sauce, and it's done! I cooled lettuce in a bowl of ice cold water, drained it well and garnished the chicken.

Story Behind this Recipe

I had some leftover sweet chili sauce!