Easy Handmade Chocolate Decoration Pens

An easy way of making chocolate pens with Ziploc bags (microwavable zipper storage bags).


Ziploc bag (small)
as needed
as needed
White chocolate
as needed
Food dye
any color
Vegetable oil
if necessary
Rubber bands
as needed


1. A common amount of a bar of store-bought chocolate is often 10 g, so I used 10 g of chocolate this time, but you can use any amount of chocolate you desire.
2. Break apart the chocolate, place in a Ziploc bag, and microwave (500 W) for about 30 seconds. The time it takes to melt will depend on the amount of chocolate.
3. Once the chocolate has completely melted, press the chocolate down into the Ziploc bag, and secure the mouth end of the bag with rubber bands to make it easy to handle.
4. Cut the corner tip of the Ziploc bag with scissors. There you have a chocolate pen.
5. To make colored chocolate, place oil-soluble food dye into a Ziploc bag with melted white chocolate.
6. If using water-soluble food dye, it is better to mix the dye with a few drops of vegetable oil before placing it into the bag.
7. If the chocolate starts to harden during use, microwave it again. This is an economical device, since you can use it several times.

Story Behind this Recipe

I often post videos on how to make sweets. I heard that it is difficult to buy chocolate pens outside Japan, so I decided to post this easy and quick way of making chocolate pens and coloring chocolate.