How to Freeze Raw Ginger Root

How to Freeze Raw Ginger Root

If you slice or julienne fresh ginger root beforehand and freeze it, you can use it right away when you're cooking, so it's convenient.

Ingredients: 1 bag worth of ginger root

1 bag
Plastic wrap
as needed
A container with a sealing lid or a plastic zip bag
as needed


1. Peel the ginger. Freeze the small pieces as is. Slice or julienne the big pieces.
2. Wrap the sliced or julienned ginger in small 5 x 6 cm or so pieces of plastic wrap. (There's no need to wrap each portion up tightly. The plastic is just to divide it up.)
3. The whole bits can be grated when they are still frozen. Sliced ginger is good for simmering fish, julienned ginger for Chinese dishes, and both are used for Japanese dishes.
4. Put the ginger in a storage container with a tightly sealing lid and freeze. The julienned ginger will freeze in bundles, but can be used as-is.

Story Behind this Recipe

When I buy a bag of ginger, I always let some of it get moldy or go bad, which is a waste. So whenever I buy a whole bag, I like to cut it all up and freeze it.