Homemade Tofu without a Mold!

Homemade Tofu without a Mold!

Once you get used to the procedures, it's easy. This is a delicious tofu recipe that brings out the sweetness of soy bean. This is for yose-dofu (half-solid tofu) lovers. Make it in a little over an hour. Try it as a weekend project. With this recipe, you'll be able to make tofu overseas as well!

Ingredients: 2 blocks: 600 g

Organic soy beans
200 g
1.6 liters
Nigari (magnesium chloride) (I use Kuroshio Densetsu)
10-20 g


1. Soak soy beans in water. This takes 12 to 15 hours.
2. Using some of the water from the listed amount, blend soy beans until smooth, then pour into a large pot (4.5 liter or more).
3. Add the remaining water to the blender to catch the remains and add to the pot.
4. Heat pot on stove. Use a silicon spatula to continuously stir. Simmer on low heat until the raw smell transforms into the rich, sweet aroma of tofu, about 10 minutes.
5. Place a bowl under a colander lined with a cheese cloth, empty out the contents of pot and let sit.
6. (In the meantime, measure out the nigari, and wash the dirty dishes)
7. Press out excess liquid with a spatula. When it feels cool to the touch, squeeze the remaining water by hand.
8. Freeze the soy bean pulp if not using right away, then heat soy milk over the stove, stirring constantly.
9. When the soy milk reaches 167F/75C, add nigari. Swirl the spatula in a figure eight and cross pattern while mixing, and remove from heat when it starts to coagulate.
10. Cover and let sit for 20 minutes.
11. Gently ladle contents of pot into a bowl covered with a cheese-cloth-lined colander.
12. Cover with a plate and add about 800g of weight on top. It should be ready in 15 minutes.
13. If you taste bitterness, soak the tofu in water for about 15 minutes. The nigari I use doesn't leave any bitterness.
14. It's sweet and delicious as is!

Story Behind this Recipe

I had a intense desire to to eat delicious tofu.