How to Preserve Butter

How to Preserve Butter

Eliminate measuring time when cooking by chopping the butter in advance.


1 block


1. Tear off the paper surrounding the block of butter all except for the base.
2. Slice the butter into 1 cm widthwise. Next, slice the block in half lengthwise, then slice one of the halves in half once again. The large pats of butter are 10 g, and the small pats are 5 g.
3. Keeping the butter on the paper, transfer to a butter dish. This will make clean up easy.
4. User Amanda commented that she also slipped the expiration date on the butter box into the butter dish. Great idea. Go ahead and use it.

Story Behind this Recipe

Perhaps this is commonly done, but I thought I should share this with those of you who didn't know this tip, since my friend told me it was a great idea.