Fried Natto Stuffed Aburaage

Fried Natto Stuffed Aburaage

This is an easy fried natto stuffed aburaage that's great either as a beer snack or as a side dish. It's so simple, yet very tasty.

Ingredients: 2-3 servings

Natto (frozen works)
2 packs
Accompanying sauce to the natto
2 sachets
Green onions (finely chopped)
as much as you like
Soy sauce, umami seasoning
as much as you like
Sesame oil
drizzle around the frying pan 1 and 1/2 times
Additional ingredient egg


1. Finely chop the green onions as much as you like.
2. Combine 2 packs of natto, 2 sachets of natto sauce (add the Japanese mustard to taste) and green onions. Mix really well.
3. If you don't want to drizzle on soy sauce before serving, season the filling with a little soy sauce! It also tastes good with Ajinomoto seasoning powder to taste.
4. Additional ingredient: These are also delicious if you mix in a raw egg to the filling. I recommend this, as it's more nutritious for children, as well.
5. Stuff the aburaage with the natto filling, and secure the tops with toothpicks as shown in the photo.
6. Fry them up with a generous amount of sesame oil over low-medium heat. They burn easily, so be careful.
7. Fry both sides until golden brown, and they are done! They are crispy and delicious. It's a great way to get kids to eat green onions and natto. I recommend these since they're highly nutritious.

Story Behind this Recipe

I had a lot of leftover natto, so I stuffed aburaage with natto that my children love, and fried them in a frying pan.