Salted Seared Bonito

Salted Seared Bonito

Try this easy salted seared bonito recipe using sashimi-grade raw bonito.

Ingredients: 2 servings

Raw bonito (sashimi-grade)
1 slab
Salt (seasoning salt)
1 teaspoon
Vegetable oil
1 teaspoon
Bed of your choice of greens
To taste


1. Evenly rub salt into the bonito on both sides.
2. Heat oil in a pan and sear for 5 seconds on each side immediately after salting.
3. Slice into bite-sized pieces. Arrange on top of the bed of greens.

Story Behind this Recipe

When I visited Kochi prefecture (in Shikoku), I became a huge fan of salted seared bonito and now make it at home often. You can eat it as is - no need for ponzu sauce.