The Best Way To Keep Broccoli Fresh!

The Best Way To Keep Broccoli Fresh!

This is the 3rd in my 'keep food fresh longer' series! Broccoli will keep for a long time as fresh as when you bought it!

Ingredients: as many as you bought

1 plus
Plastic bag
1 bag


1. In the United States, broccoli is sold either with the long stalks on, or as 'crowns' where the stalks are cut off. I love the stalks so I buy the ones with the long stalks.
2. Here's some broccoli I just bought! You can leave it in the plastic bag that you carried it home in from the supermarket. ♡ Tie the plastic bag closed.
3. Just leave it in the refrigerator as-is! ♡ It gets in the way if it's in the front, so put it in the back. (Don't put it in the vegetable bin!) Easy, right? ♪
4. The stalk looks fresh too. ※ I cut off the bottom end.
5. And the florets look like this! None have opened up.
6. Here I bought a set of 3 broccoli together. I used one, and left the other two for 2 weeks. They stayed fresh even while we were away on vacation.
7. The 3rd broccoli will be in the refrigerator for the 3rd week.
8.'s how one of the broccoli stalks looks 9 days later (22 days after I bought it). It looks fine so far.
9. Some parts have turned yellow and the flowers have opened.
10. The stalk is just fine! ※ I cut the bottom end off.
11. So as you can see, I discovered that with this storage method the broccoli will keep for at least 3 weeks or so and be fine. If you store it in the front of the refrigerator, the temperature around the broccoli will fluctuate every time you open and close the door. So, I is a good idea to store the broccoli in the back of the refrigerator.
12. Probably no one buys just one stalk of broccoli and stores it in the refrigerator for 3 weeks, but in any case, it will be fine in there for 1-2 weeks. ♡

Story Behind this Recipe

Broccoli sold in the U.S. is too big. (LOL) I love broccoli so that makes me happy, but they won't fit in my refrigerator's vegetable compartment! So I was forced to store them in the back of the fridge. I used up one stalk, and took another one out in week 2 - and what do you know, it was still very fresh and nice. The method I'd used just by accident worked very well.