Bacon, Potato, and Cabbage Mayonnaise Stir Fry

Bacon, Potato, and Cabbage Mayonnaise Stir Fry

A stir-fry dish that's sort of like German potatoes. Prepping the potatoes is easy, you only need a microwave Simple, but tasty.

Ingredients: 2 Servings

2 medium
Sliced bacon
About 3 slices
Sliced garlic
1/2 to 1 clove
★Salt and pepper
A small amount
★Flavor enhancer or consommé soup stock
A small amount
About 2 tablespoons
Grated cheese and parsley
As needed


1. Peel the potatoes and chop into small bite-sizes. Soak in water.
2. Arrange in a microwave-safe dish and cover loosely with a plastic wrap. Microwave for 3 minutes at 600W. Test the softness with a toothpick: make sure you can poke a hole without difficulty.
3. Chop the cabbage roughly into bite sizes. Chop up the bacon to the size of the cabbage and potatoes.
4. In a dry and cold pan, put olive oil (not listed), garlic, bacon, and cabbage in order, then turn the heat on.
5. When the garlic is browned, add the potatoes and stir fry. Season with ★ condiments. Squirt mayonnaise to finish. Mix everything together briskly.
6. Dish it up and serve. Sprinkle grated cheese and parsley, if you like.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to make German potatoes, but we didn't have onions. So, I added cabbage instead.
I was inspired by "Also Good For Breakfast Potato and Shimeji Mushrooms Mayonnaise Stir Fry (Recipe ID: 1109776)".