Easy! Breaded Pork Rolls With Ume Paste

Easy! Breaded Pork Rolls With Ume Paste

Roll up thinly sliced pork and fry to a crispy finish. Shallow fry them in a frying pan when you're short on time.


Thinly sliced pork
300 g
Umeboshi (ume paste from a tube is OK)
5 to 6 plums
Shiso leaves
about 10 leaves
Flour, egg, panko
As needed
Coarsely ground black pepper
To taste


1. Mince the umeboshi plums into a paste. You can use ume paste from a tube instead.
2. Lay a shiso leaf on top of a pork slice, and add a little of the ume paste from Step 1 on top.
3. Roll up the pork, making sure that the paste doesn't come out!
4. Coat in flour, beaten egg, panko.
5. Deep fry in oil and they're done! You don't need to add any sauce since they're already well flavored, but you can add sauce if you like.
6. You can season the rolls with salt and pepper after Step 3.
7. Variation: After rolling and seasoning the rolls in Step 3, you can saute in a frying pan instead of breading and deep frying.

Story Behind this Recipe

My wife had these at a friend's house, and she taught me how to make them.
Nowadays it's a part of my repertoire.
I think I'm going to try different variations of rolls!