Pork Roast and Shiso Leaves Wrapped Rolls

Pork Roast and Shiso Leaves Wrapped Rolls

This is a simple and quick recipe that is made by placing a shiso leaf on top of thinly sliced pork, rolling it up, and frying. The aroma of the shiso leaves will whet your appetite.

Ingredients: 1-2 people

Pork loin sliced thinly
5 slices
Shiso leaves
About 10 leaves
★Shio-koji (salt-fermented rice malt)
1/2 teaspoon
1/2 tablespoon
1/2 tablespoon
★Soy sauce
1/2 tablespoon


1. Place the shiso leaves on top of the thinly sliced pork. The shiso leaves shown above in the photo are small, so I placed 3 leaves on top.
2. Roll step 1 up tightly, coat a frying pan with oil, and line up the rolls with the overlap facing down.
3. While shaking the rolls back and forth, cook until golden brown; add the ★ seasoning ingredients, and sauté while covering it in the sauce.
4. Cut in half diagonally and display the cut edge so the swirl shows on the plate.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted boost my appetite in this sweltering heat, so I used shiso leaves.