Absolutely 100% Orange Juice

Absolutely 100% Orange Juice

Filled with Vitamin C!
I recommend making this when you have overripe clementines, because it's a waste to throw them out.

Ingredients: as needed (4 cups with 15 clementines)

Clementine/Mandarin Oranges
As much as you want


1. Peel the skin off the clementine fruits, break into 4 pieces (depending on the size) and place in a juicer. Turn on the switch!! (It comes out nice if you first use the speed cutter, and then switch to the juicer).
2. Filter Step 1 through a strainer.
3. Repeat Steps 1 and 2 as necessary, depending on the amount of clementines.
4. Return the strained juice to the juicer one more time. Lastly, filter through a strainer again.
5. It's done! The original recipe was just Steps 1 and 2 but today I had a lot of clementines and those two steps didn't seem good enough, so I needed to follow Steps 1-3 and the juice came out better than before!! Definitely be sure to complete all 3 steps.
6. Reference: I used 15 large and small clementines this time. I was able to make 4 cups. I shared the juice with my mother and it was gone in no time.

Story Behind this Recipe

This recipe was developed because I had a lot of overly ripe clementines but didn't have a fruit squeezer... so I used a juicer!! I keep editing this recipe to improve it.