Beautiful Apple Honey Compote witth Shio-koji

Beautiful Apple Honey Compote witth Shio-koji

This is juicy and sweet with just a hint of honey thanks to the shio-koji.
It's surprisingly delicious, and nutritious so will give your beauty a boost.


1 tablespoon
1/3 teaspoon
1 tablespoon
Rum (optional)
Cinnamon (optional)
Black vinegar (optional)
(as desired)


1. Combine the shio-koji and water into a plastic bag, and dissolve the shio-koji over the bag.
2. Place 1 apple cut into eighths into the plastic bag, and mix together. Let sit for 1 minute.
3. Place the entire contents of the plastic bag into a pot, coat in honey, cover with a lid, and boil for 15 minutes over low heat. Remove the lid after 15 minutes and evaporate any remaining water.
4. Add rum to Step 3 for aroma (optional). Arrange onto a plate, and top with cinnamon if you prefer.
5. Pressure cooker version: Heat for 10 minutes over low heat (it will take 11.5 minutes until the apples float to the top, but you could stop cooking after 10 minutes). Let sit for 5 minutes.

Story Behind this Recipe

Salt heightens the sweetness of watermelons and red bean soups, so I thought adding shio-koji to this compote would similarly bring out the natural sweetness of the apples.