Easy Pork-Wrapped Okra

Easy Pork-Wrapped Okra

These are simple okra wrapped in strips of pork belly and flavored with Krazy Salt (or flavored salt).
The smell of herbs make them the ultimate beer snack.

Ingredients: 4 servings

Thinly sliced pork belly
Krazy Salt
to taste


1. Roll the okra on a cutting board to remove the hairs.
2. Place the okra in a heat-resistant bowl.
3. Microwave for 2 minutes, then cool in water.
4. Spread out the pork and season both sides with Krazy Salt.
5. Wrap the pork around the okra.
6. In a non-stick pan, arrange the wraps (without adding any oil).
7. Rotate to cook the entire surface and season once more with Krazy Salt. Remove from heat once the okra is cooked through and the meat is browned.
8. Arrange on a plate and enjoy.

Story Behind this Recipe

I saw a cooking program featuring okra, so I thought I would try some wrapped in meat and seasoned with Krazy Salt.