Former Steak Chef's Recipe! Easy Glazed Carrots

Former Steak Chef's Recipe! Easy Glazed Carrots

If there's one side dish that comes to mind for steaks and hamburger patties, it's gotta be glazed carrots! This is an easy and delicious recipe from a chef!


1 tablespoon
1 tablespoon
enough to cover


1. Not a fan of carrots? Well, let's try cutting it like an olive.
2. Cut in a cross-shaped pattern.
3. Shave off the edges and they should look like this, like an olive!
4. If that's difficult, then simple cut 1 cm slices.
5. Shave off the sharp edges. This way is easier, right?
6. Put all the ingredients into a pot. put in just enough water to cover the carrots.
7. Turn on the heat and turn it down to low once it starts boiling.
8. Over low heat, it'll become like this.
9. Cook for about 20 minutes. It looks delicious.
10. Finally, turn the heat to high to get a nice glaze! It's okay if some liquid remains.
11. Look! Doesn't it make the hamburger steak look even more delicious? Even if you don't like carrots, you'd eat it, right?
12. This is a former chef's hamburger steak recipe at Recipe ID: 2265297.

Story Behind this Recipe

For hamburger patties or steak, you gotta serve them like htis. I swear you'll love these if you don't like carrots!