Corn Potage Soup Made With Fresh Corn

Corn Potage Soup Made With Fresh Corn

Use freshly picked corn to make this delicious, sweet corn potage soup. Detailed instructions included for how to boil the corn and remove the kernels.

Ingredients: for 4~5 servings

Sweet corn
3 ears
Potato (optional)
Butter (or margarine)
2 teaspoons
Consomme stock granules
1 tablespoon
Heavy cream
2 tablespoons
Salt and pepper
to taste


1. Use the freshest corn possible. Take off only the dirty outer layer of shucks, rinse with water, and cut off the the silky tips.
2. Put the unshucked corn into a pot, and fill about 2 cm deep with water. It's fine if the water doesn't cover the corn. Put a lid on the pan, and boil for about 10 minutes total from the time you turn on the heat.
3. Once it's boiled, shuck the corn under cold, running water. It's boiled tender.
4. Method 1 - How to remove the kernels with a spoon or the like: I have this odd-shaped spoon that I find easiest to use, so this is how I do it.
5. I actually remove the kernels one row at a time. Insert the spoon or similar utensil firmly between the kernels, and use it like a lever to cleanly remove the kernels.
6. Remove the kernels row by row until you've gone around the whole ear of corn. It takes some time, but you get all the kernels out nicely this way.
7. Method 2 - How to remove the kernels with a knife: As with Method 1, insert the knife firmly between the rows of kernels and use it like a lever to remove the kernels. Remove all the kernels, one row at a time.
8. This method doesn't get the kernels out quite as cleanly as the first method, but it's faster. If you're using a lot of corn, I recommend doing it this way.
9. Finally, we're ready to begin making the potage! Cut the onions and potatoes into thin slices.
10. Turn the heat on beneath your soup pot, and melt the butter. Add the onions and cook until soft. Then add the potatoes and corn.
11. After sauteing for 2 or 3 minutes, add 200ml (about 1 cup) of water and the consomme. Put a lid on the pot and simmer for 10 minutes.
12. Next, allow the mixture to cool, and then process it in a blender for about a minute, or until smooth.
13. Return the mixture to the pot. It's actually smooth enough now as is, but the texture is still a little grainy. If you would like an even smoother texture, please strain the mixture.
14. Turn the heat back on, add the milk and cream, adjust the flavor by adding some salt and pepper to taste, and it's done!
15. I always use these garlic cheese croutons, posted by Mimato, Recipe ID: 1742908. They're so good!!

Story Behind this Recipe

Every year in the summertime, we receive a lot of corn as gifts from acquaintances. But I'm not very fond of the texture of the corn kernels, so I always end up making corn potage soup with it. When corn is not in season, I use store bought corn paste instead of fresh corn, but the intensity of the color, flavor, and sweetness is just not the same!!