My Granny's Onigiri with Pickled Plum and Bonito Flakes

My Granny's Onigiri with Pickled Plum and Bonito Flakes

My granny used make these onigiri very often.
You can use this pickled plum mixture for all different purposes.

Ingredients: 4 rice balls

Hot cooked rice
about 400 g
Pickled plums
4, medium-sized
Bonito flakes
1/2 sachet
Soy sauce
to taste
Umami seasoning
to taste
Add more flavours if you like...
Nori seaweed, shiso leaves or sesame seeds
as needed


1. These are all the ingredients you'll be needing!
2. Remove the stones form the pickled plums and chop finely on a chopping board.
3. Add bonito flakes, soy sauce and umami seasoning powder and chop further.
4. Add this mixture to the rice and shape into onigiri rice balls. Serve.
5. Wrap this onigiri with a sheet of nori or shiso leaf if you like. Sprinkle on sesame seeds too.
6. You can use this mixture for not only onigiri, but other things.
7. I used this for flavouring pasta. Pasta with Tuna and Pickled Plum (Recipe ID: 2055273).

Story Behind this Recipe

My granny used to make this onigiri for me very often.
Just put on rice and eat as it is. Or for pasta and chilled tofu... this plum mixture is quite versatile.

My granny used to drink sake with this.