Direct From a Former Steak Chef: The Golden Ratio for Hamburger Steak

Direct From a Former Steak Chef: The Golden Ratio for Hamburger Steak

Now you can proclaim that your signature dish is hamburger steak! This hamburger steak from a former pro is so moist the juices just flood out when you cut it! It's a braised type dish that even beginners can make without worrying.

Ingredients: 2 large servings

1 clove
○Panko (fresh if possible)
1/2 cup (100 ml)
○Soy milk or milk
1/2 cup (100 ml)
○Krazy Salt or regular salt
1 teaspoon
○Coarsely ground black pepper
a small amount
○Pepper (the regular finely ground type)
a small amount
a small amount if you have it
Mixed ground meat (beef and pork)
300 g
Oil for pan frying
1 tablespoon
△Red wine (+ water if needed)
1 cup (200 ml)
△Japanese Worcestershire-style "chuunou" sauce
50 ml
30 ml


1. Chop the garlic and onion finely, and sauté them lightly in a frying pan. (Don't add oil to the pan.) You can microwave them instead if you like.
2. Combine the ○ ingredients in a bowl. I recommend using both coarse grind and regular grind black pepper together. If you use regular salt rather than seasoned salt, use a bit less than indicated.
3. When the onion and garlic from Step 1 has cooled down, combine with the Step 2 mixture.
4. Add the ground meat...(choose ground meat that's pink instead of red. Although you don't need to get too hung up on this.)
5. Mix and knead well! Do this by hand, ok? It's loose but don't worry! Rest the mixtured for several hours in the refrigerator. The paté will stiffen up.
6. Take it out of the refrigerator - wow! It's become a lot stiffer! Form into patties, and let's cook them in a frying pan! Brown them on both sides over high-medium heat, then cook on both sides over low heat.
7. You may want to refer to "A Hamburger Chef Teaches You How to Pan Fry Hamburgers" - Recipe ID: 1579679. This time we are going to braise the hamburgers though so they aren't pan-fried to the end!
8. You're worried if the hamburgers are cooked through right? I can tell by touching them, but there's another method. Wipe the fat out of the pan with paper towels here. You don't have to do it though!
9. So here's that alternate method to cook the hamburgers through for beginners! We'll just steam-cook them! Add the △ ingredients and let's steam-cook! You can add some parboiled vegetables here too!
10. When the liquid in the frying pan comes to a boil, turn the heat down to low, cover the pan with a lid and simmer.
11. After about 5 minutes, remove the lid. Shake the pan and reduce the sauce! Spoon the sauce over the hamburgers as you do this...
12. When the sauce has thickened it's good. It will become this shiny! If you poke one of the hamburgers with a toothpick to check if it's cooked through, the juices will come bursting out! So don't poke!
13. I used some grilled vegetables as garnish. Warm the serving plates in advance of course! Do this in the microwave, or on top of a pot of boiling water or something!
14. Glazed carrots to serve on the side are a must, right? See my recipe for easy glazed carrots - Recipe ID: 2270274!
15. Serve on a plate...
16. ..and spoon on some sauce! (If the red wine is sour, the sauce will be sour too. Please add sugar to adjust if needed.)
17. Draw a picture on your hamburgers with coffee cream! Voila! Enjoy! The juices will come flooding out!
18. When you cut the hamburgers, try pressing down on them! The juices will come flooding out!!
19. For tofu hamburgers without anything extra in them, see Recipe ID: 1577679.
20. How about some garlic rice or buttered rice to go with your hamburgers? Recipe ID: 2190830. Mix the meat juices with the rice!
21. If you cook the hamburgers en papillote (wrapped in parchment paper), they will be even juicier. See my recipe for tofu hamburgers - Recipe ID: 1986639.
22. You can just serve the hamburgers simply with grated daikon radish and soy sauce instead of making a sauce!

Story Behind this Recipe

After making hamburgers many, many times, this is the golden ratio I finally achieved on the 100th attempt! I'm not at all ashamed of this, as a former professional chef! I've invested a lot of money in this recipe! I used to make tons of hamburger steaks at work, but the key here is that you can make this with regular home cooking ingredients you already have!