Chilled Tomato Ramen with Instant Noodles

Chilled Tomato Ramen with Instant Noodles

Here's how to make chilled ramen with instant noodles!
The tomatoes are a great addition of color and flavor.


Instant ramen noodles (salt flavored)
1 bag
Cherry tomatoes
Boiled eggs
Daikon radish sprouts
as needed
Hot water
100 g
Sesame oil
a small amount


1. Quarter the cherry tomatoes and boiled egg.
2. Dissolve the packaged soup with just a little bit of hot water, then cool the soup down with water and ice.
3. Cook your noodles, and immediately chill in a bath of cold water.
4. Place your noodles from Step 3 in the soup from Step 2.
5. Top your noodles with the cherry tomatoes, boiled egg, radish sprouts, and a drizzle of sesame oil.

Story Behind this Recipe

I love chilled ramen, and I really wanted to have some at home. So I gave it a shot with a regular package of instant noodles we had around the house. Chill the noodles really well to give them the right texture!