Mastered to Perfection: Beef Steak

Mastered to Perfection: Beef Steak

This is a simple steak that highlights the rich flavours of beef. Enjoy it on a special occasion.

Ingredients: 1 steak

Your favourite cut of beef
250 g
1 teaspoon
1 teaspoon
Salted butter
2 tablespoons
2 cloves
Fresh thyme
about 4 pieces


1. Take the meat out of the fridge and bring to room temperature. Wipe the excess moisture off using paper towels.
2. Sprinkle with the salt and pepper. Since the salt will be washed off with the oils while cooking, please use a little bit more salt than usual.
3. Heat a non-stick frying pan. When the pan is hot, place the meat without oil over medium-high heat.
4. It's depending on the thickness of the meat, but please don't touch for the first 5 minutes. Leave until the surface is browned nicely.
5. Flip the meat, and leave for 3 minutes. Serve the meat on a plate. Please don't cut the meat into strips.
6. Slice the onion along the grain. Crush the garlic with a knife. You can use the thyme as is (with the leaves left on the twig).
7. Add the butter, onion, crushed garlic, and thyme to the pan, which was used to cook the meat. Sauté over low heat to make the butter absorb the flavour slowly.
8. Top the beef with flavoured butter, onion, and thyme from Step 7, and you're done.

Story Behind this Recipe

We often cook steak on special occasions in our family. We've tried making many different steaks, but this was the best so far, so I uploaded the recipe.
I have confidence that this steak is better than anything you'd get at a restaurant :)