Final Stage of Baby Food Egg-less Okonomiyaki

Final Stage of Baby Food Egg-less Okonomiyaki

Since this recipe uses grated potato to hold everything together, these okonomiyaki are even fine for children with egg allergies.


90 g
to taste
Ground pork (or chicken)
1 tablespoon
2 small (or 1 large)
White flour
3 tablespoons


1. Julienne the cabbage, Boil the broccoli and meat.
2. Place Step 1 into a bowl. Mix in the flour and grated potato.
3. Use a nonstick frying pan or use just a tiny amount of oil. Form the mixture into easy to eat portions and cook on low heat.
4. Once browned, flip them over, cover with a lid and steam.
5. Optionally top with ketchup and enjoy.

Story Behind this Recipe

We found out that my son has an egg allergy. Adding potatoes makes them chewy This recipe makes delicious okonomiyaki.