3-Generation Sushi Hand Rolls

3-Generation Sushi Hand Rolls

Our sushi rice has a strong vinegary taste. My family is so proud of it. It was handed down from my grandmother to my mother, and from my mother to me. It tastes just like home.

Ingredients: 7 servings

White rice (uncooked)
5.5 rice cooker cups (900 ml uncooked)
Sushi vinegar:
110 ml
Sugar (white sugar)
83 g
22 g


1. Cook the rice with a little less water than usual so that it's still a bit hard when done. Wipe down a flat-bottomed wooden bowl and a wooden spoon with a wet towel and set aside for later.
2. While the rice is cooking, heat the sushi vinegar ingredients in a pan on low heat. Just let the sugar and salt dissolve, absolutely do not bring it to a boil. Please be careful.
3. When the rice has finished cooking, quickly transfer it to the wooden bowl and break it up. Add the sushi vinegar while the rice is still hot and use the wooden spoon to quickly mix it all together.
4. When it has been mixed together, use a handheld fan to cool it off.

Story Behind this Recipe

My 99 year old grandmother who died last year gave this recipe to my mother, who then taught it to me.
This family sushi rice has a strong vinegary flavor that doesn't get obscured by the sushi toppings. It will probably give you energy during the hot summer days. But be careful not to eat too much!