Fluffy But Hard to Tear Omurice

Fluffy But Hard to Tear Omurice

Oh, how strange! If you mix egg whites and yolks REAL well, it won't break easily (see hints)! It's fluffy and creamy!

Ingredients: 1 serving

*Eggs (large)
2 teaspoons
*Water (Milk)
2 tablespoons
Butter (or vegetable oil)
1 tablespoon
Rice for the inside
as desired


1. Mix together the * ingredients with a whisk or fork. Tip: Mix until the lumps of the egg white are completely gone. It's okay if the mayonnaise separates.
2. Heat a frying pan on medium-high, grease with butter, and pour in the egg mixture. Fill about 1/3 with rice while the eggs are still raw and fold the eggs over the rice.
3. Transfer to a plate as-is to finish. Isn't it enchanting?
4. [Almost Foolproof Method] It's easy if you put the rice onto a plate and then slowly slide the cooked egg on top. I also recommend tomato risotto Recipe ID: 2157018.

Story Behind this Recipe

I'm pretty bad at making the egg layer for omurice, but I didn't give up and I figured out this delicious way to make it. If you add a teaspoon of katakuriko, it's even easier!