Easy! The Golden Rule of Fluffy Pancakes

Easy! The Golden Rule of Fluffy Pancakes

No need for pancake mix to make these simple and fluffy pancakes!
I've finally discovered the golden rule after many experiments.

Ingredients: Makes 4-5 pancakes, 10cm in diameter

●Flour (cake flour)
160 g
50 g
●Baking powder
4 g
170 ml (or 170 g) when combined with the egg
2-5 g
a small amount


1. Measure all ● ingredients and whisk in a bowl. (No need to sift!)
2. Crack the egg into a measuring up. Pour in the milk until it reaches 170 ml.
3. ※ If you're weighting, then there's no need to measure! Do it whichever way.
4. Add mayonnaise and a small amount of the milk and egg mixture into a bowl. Whisk well. This is key for a fluffy finish even when it's cold!
5. Combine the mixture from Step 4 with that of Step 1. Mix thoroughly.
6. Heat a frying pan over low high or medium low heat. Spread oil when it's heated enough (no need to add oil afterwards).
7. Scoop and spread a heaping amount of batter. This determines the size of the pancake!
8. When the surface gets bubbly, flip over before it dries up. Cover the pan and pan-fry. It will rise to about twice its original thickness.
9. If the pancakes aren't being served immediately, make sure to cover with plastic wrap to prevent drying. Also microwave for a fluffy finish.
10. The dough won't rise if it spreads too much. Once it's poured into the frying pan, just fix its shape - nothing else.
11. Flip it over when the surface begins to form smaller bubbles as opposed to larger ones. Check out how it's like on the other side before flipping over.

Story Behind this Recipe

I've been struggling to find a way to make pancakes that are thick and fluffy, and here's a golden rule that I finally discovered.
You'll make no mistakes with this recipe because you can make it all the same regardless of the size of the egg.