You Don't Need a Knife! Delicious Nutrient-Rich Curry

You Don't Need a Knife! Delicious Nutrient-Rich Curry

You can make this dish even when you are dead tired and do not want to do anything.
It is an easy and filling dish.

Ingredients: 10 servings: Make one big batch and freeze the uneaten portions for next time

Japanese curry roux
1 package
*Pork (offcuts)
About 400 g
Shishito peppers
About 20
Maitake mushrooms
2 bunches
Kiriboshi daikon
1 package (30 g)
Ginger paste
5 cm
Canned crushed tomatoes
1 can (400 g)
Depending on the flavor:
Bananas (ripened)
1~2 large
(Use Ao-jiru kale supplements you need to consume it)
(Add a raw egg if you like)
Use whatever ingredients you wish! The main point of this recipe is to make things easy, so relax and use whatever in the fridge!


1. Rehydrate the kiriboshi daikon in water (about 1 minute is ok; drain just before adding to the pot). Wash the shishito peppers, and cut off the stems.
2. Heat oil in a pot, add all of the *ingredients, and sauté.
3. After all of the ingredients are fragrant, add the canned tomatoes, and 200 ml less water as instructed on the curry package.
4. Remove the scum once it comes to a boil, turn off the heat, break the roux and dissolve, turn the heat back on, and simmer for 2~3 minutes . You can eat it immediately if it tastes all right.
5. For those of you that want to make this mild, peel a banana, put into a plastic bag, and mash until pureed.
6. Cut a corner of the plastic bag, squeeze the banana into the curry, and mix well. Check the taste, and add another banana in the same manner if you like.
7. For those of you worried about nutrition and have unused aojiru (powdered kale juice) lying around, throw it into the pot! You can add more nutrients with a raw egg if you like.

Story Behind this Recipe

I thought up this recipe to make curry even easier, and to increase my nutrient intake by using different vegetables than regular curry.

Bananas have all of the essential amino acids, so it is good to add it for a boost when you are tired.