Rolled Fish Sausage and Cheese Swirls For Bento

Rolled Fish Sausage and Cheese Swirls For Bento

Good for a bento filler! It's so easy. All you need to do is to roll! Stick some decorative paper tape on the toothpicks for a fancy touch!


Sliced cheese
1 slice
Fish sausage
Masking tape


1. Peel the plastic casing off from the fish sausage. With a peeler, slice the sausage as though you are peeling off the skin! Make a few long slices.
2. Cut the sliced cheese into the same widths as the sausages!
3. Place the cheese on top of the fish sausage and roll them up! If the sausage is too long, cut it off, then roll it up, wrap it with plastic wrap and leave it until settled!
4. Once it is settled and it does not unroll when you take the plastic wrap off, cut in half and secure the slices with toothpicks!! Decorate it with masking tape to make it fancy!!

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted a bento filler with cheese in it, so I rolled these up.