Nagaimo Yam and Miso Meat Rolls for Summer Gatherings

Nagaimo Yam and Miso Meat Rolls for Summer Gatherings

This is a stamina-filled meat roll that will make you want to eat it with rice.

Ingredients: 20 pieces

Nagaimo yam
300 g
Thinly sliced pork
10 slices
2 tablespoons
1/2 teaspoon
☆Grated garlic
~2 cloves
☆Black ground sesame
~1 teaspoon
Mizuna, lettuce etc.
To taste


1. Cut the nagaimo yams into about 1 cm thick matchstick-like pieces.
2. Mix the ☆ together, and spread it on top of the pork. This time, I used pork belly meat.
3. Divide the nagaimo yams into 10 equal portions, and roll them up in the pork. Squeeze it in your hands after rolling.
4. Cook the rolls with the overlap facing down without oil. Use a bit of oil when using pork roast or pork thigh roast.
5. Wipe excess grease with a paper towel, cook the meat until crispy, cut it diagonally in half, and enjoy with lots of vegetables.

Story Behind this Recipe

My children love meat, so I made something a bit different from the norm, and they loved it.
I want my family to eat this and feel better on hot days when they have no appetite.