For Bentos: Chikuwa and Quail Egg Teriyaki

For Bentos: Chikuwa and Quail Egg Teriyaki

Sweet and savory rolled morsels that have a sweet-salty shiny sauce. The shine and flavor last for hours! They're hearty even made just with chikuwa fish sticks! They are great gap-fillers in a bento.

Ingredients: 8 rolls

4 sticks
1 teaspoon
Sugar, soy sauce, mirin
1 tablespoon of each
Quail eggs (boiled or canned)
8 eggs


1. Cut the chikuwa in half! Wrap around the eggs and secure with toothpicks. It looks better if you wrap the chikuwa with the browned side facing out, and the flavors will blend better.
2. Lightly brown the back in a pan. Use a little oil if you like (It will look delicious if you burn it slightly!)
3. Prepare the sauce while they are cooking. Make sure to mix in the katakuriko as well. Make sure the katakuriko doesn't sink to the bottom (by continuously stirring), and pour in the sauce. Keep stirring.
4. Reduce to low heat, and add the sauce to the pan. The sauce will immediately thicken, so please shake the pan back and forth. This part is important!
5. Cook over low heat until the rolls are evenly coated with the sauce. Garnishing with a bit of parsley or sesame looks very pretty.
6. Wipe the ends of the toothpicks a bit with a wet tissue. Regular tissues will stick, so make sure to use a wet tissue.
7. f you don't have quail eggs, they taste great just using only chikuwa as well. They are still quite hearty .

Story Behind this Recipe

There are usually 8 to 10 eggs in a can of boiled quail eggs, so you won't be able to use it all up if you make 1-2 rolls for a regular bento. So why not make a big batch of these for a Sports Day festival bento!
Do your kids get excited about quail eggs as mine do?