Anpanman Sushi Cake

Anpanman Sushi Cake

Even I was able to make this easily!
I created this for kids who love sushi, while holding back on the sweetness as much as possible so that adults can also enjoy.

Ingredients: 8 servings

White rice
3 rice cooker cups
Premade chirashi sushi seasoning
4 servings
Shrimp, whelk, flying fish roe
as desired
Kinshi tamago (finely shredded thin omelette)
1 egg
Salmon flakes (readymade)
as desired
Toasted nori seaweed
1 sheet


1. Cook the rice on the harder side. Use a fan to cool the rice while mixing in the chirashi sushi seasoning.
2. Once the rice has cooled, transfer to a serving plate and make into a cake shape. At this time you can add ingredients, or make a shrimp/minced whelk sandwich!
3. Once you have the shape of the cake, apply the kinshi tamago, then make the nose out of the flying fish roe, the cheeks from the salmon flakes, and make the eyes, eyebrows and mouth from the nori.
4. For the nose and cheeks I made a round mold out of cardboard! Using everyone's recipes as references, it was surprisingly simple! My son loved it!

Story Behind this Recipe

I put my best efforts into making this for my son who loves Anpanman.