Fresh Rigatoni

Fresh Rigatoni

Rigatoni is a large tubular short pasta scored with lines. It goes well with rich, meat-heavy sauces.


Your choice of pasta dough
Recipe ID: 2140040
Tomato sauce
Recipe ID: 2140035
Sushi rolling mat


1. Prepare the pasta dough. You can find out how to make pasta dough and a range of different sauces at Recipe ID: 2140040.
2. Roll the dough out into a thin, flat layer and cut into rectangles.
3. Using the handle of a fork or similar, roll the pasta and wet the end of the pasta with a thin layer of water.
4. Roll the pasta so that the wet edge is on the bottom and press down to secure.
5. Insert a chop stick through the center of the pasta and roll it over a sushi mat to score lines to complete.
6. This pasta is quite thick, so make the boiling time a little longer than usual. Cook to your desired firmness.
7. I paired this pasta with a tomato cream sauce (Recipe ID: 2140035). This sauce will stick nicely to the grooves of this thick, chewy pasta.
8. The sauce will also go inside the tube of the pasta, which is also delicious.

Story Behind this Recipe

I really like fresh pasta and am having so much fun coming up with different shapes and sauce combinations.