Snoopy Sandwiches for Bento

Snoopy Sandwiches for Bento

Just roll up some sandwiches and stick on the facial expressions for simple Snoopy sandwiches.

Ingredients: 2 Snoopy sandwiches

2 slices
Your preferred filling
as needed
Nori seaweed
as needed
as needed


1. Before you fill your sandwiches up, measure the bread against the width of the bento box and cut it down to make sure it'll fit.
2. Fill your sandwich with whatever you like.
3. Roll the sandwich up.
4. Use nori seaweed and cheese for the facial features.
5. Make the ears and nose stick out more by adding a layer of cheese underneath. Simply rest the seaweed parts over the cheese and use a toothpick to trace around them.
6. Once you've stuck the face on, you're done.
7. These are the punchers that I used.
8. I used this part for the nose.
9. And this puncher for the eyes.
10. Here you can find out how to make Hello Kitty (Recipe ID: 2000734).

Story Behind this Recipe

I made these Snoopy sandwiches for my daughter.