Wee Panda Onigiri Charaben

Wee Panda Onigiri Charaben

Another one in my series of easy bento items with things you have on hand. The only tools you need are plastic wrap and a pair of scissors.


Hot cooked white rice
as much as you want
Nori seaweed
to taste
Additional ingredients
whatever you like


1. Form warm cooked rice into cylinder shaped onigiri using plastic wrap.
2. Fold a piece of nori seaweed in half and cut out the small pieces. The eyes are egg-shaped; the ears are half-moon shapes, and the small circles make the nose and tail.
3. Make a long piece of nori seaweed too (You don't have to cut this with scissors; just fold and tear the nori and it will still look quite cute).
4. Stick the nori pieces on the onigiri to finish.

Story Behind this Recipe

There are kits on sale for preparing panda onigiri, but I thought you could make them by cutting out nori seaweed on your own, so I tried it out.
You can make different sized mother-child pandas.